illustrated portrait of Josh Mabry sitting in front of computers


Design is the perfect combination of my two passions: art and technology. I love the process of creating designs and bringing them to life with code. I'm a firm believer in the atomic design principles, and I always make sure to structure my designs in a way that allows for easy reuse and scalability. This saves a lot of time and effort in the development phase.

I'm always looking for new styles and techniques to experiment with, and I'm known for thinking outside of the box. I use Figma as my primary design tool, but I also have experience with a variety of other design and art tools.

I mostly do design for my personal projects, but my design skills are also useful in my work as a developer, where I often collaborate with designers and UX experts to achieve the client's vision. Overall, I'm passionate about design and committed to creating beautiful and effective user experiences.


in the meantime you can checkout the Figma designs for this site here!